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about usAbout us :  Saudi Arabia is a very mysterious place to many Westerners who find the state to be shrouded in a religious mystique. Saudi Arabia may bring to mind vivid images of multicolored magic carpets, grueling religious pilgrimages, and lumpy camels.  This is another reason why our editorial team at Casino in Saudi Arabia wants to clear up these prejudices.

Casinos in Saudi Arabia

Yet, travelers to this place may be surprised at some of the attractions and activities provided to them, and some they may expect to see but that are actually illegal. One thing you will not find easily in the area is casinos in Saudi Arabia. They are few and far between to say the least.

Gambling in Saudi Arabia

Gambling in Saudi Arabia is not permeated in most areas, although there are exceptions to this rule. Regardless, visitors would be hard pressed to find Casino Saudi Arabia except in very specific areas of the country.  But tourists and locals alike may soon find that to change as plans for a new casino in Jeddah unfolds.

Casino in Jeddah

Currently many Islamic nations bypass Islamic law and the forbiddance of gambling by only allowing foreigners to enter casinos though, this can also mean a local showing a passport from a different country to get in.

Saudi Casino

Of the 15 million tourists that travel to and through Saudi Arabia every year, an estimated 5 million of those travelers are believed to be religious tourists, who presumably are not coming to the country to gamble in a Saudi Casino.

Casino Saudi Arabia

However, as one of the largest sovereign states in Western Asia and with one of the largest economies in the Middle East, a call for casino in Saudi Arabia is not surprising or unexpected. A casino Saudi Arabia may be just the beginning of the country’s revitalization as the area continues to grow and strengthen in social freedoms and tourist attractions, leaving it’s populus with more money and freedom, not to mention a richer tourist population visiting.

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