Casino in Jeddah

casino in JeddahA Saudi Casino may sound like a bit of a contradiction, but a casino in Jeddah is not quite so far fetched as you might think. Jeddah is a very important city in Saudi Arabia and its surrounding areas. With its port access and close proximity to the most important and second most important Holy Cities in the Islamic religion, Mecca and Medina, respectively, Jeddah is the largest city in the province.

Casino in Jeddah

Boasting entertaining attractions like sandy beaches of the Red Sea, al-Balad — the Old Town, and King Fahad’s Fountain, casino in Jeddah are a new phenomenon.  This arid area, like many in the Saudi Arabian nation, is marked by religious pilgrimages and strict religious laws governing daily life of both locals and tourists. Indeed, consuming alcohol and housing movie theaters is illegal in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi casino

A Saudi Casino might seem to contradict some of these strict rules that tourists and locals are both expected to observe, but despite it being considered the gateway to two Islamic Holy Cities, Jeddah is becoming more and more Westernized and catering more and more to Western tourists.

Gambling in Saudi Arabia

This westernization has seen the rise of gambling in Saudi Arabia through new establishments like casino in Saudi Arabia. Actually, this is not the first time Saudi Arabia has undergone major modernization. After World War II, Saudi Arabian officials used money from new oil revenue. So, casinos in Jeddah are not really so surprising as locations across the world are updating old, and in some cases outdated, laws.

Casino Saudi Arabia

Whether you believe a Casino Saudi Arabia is appropriate for the uber religious area, Jeddah will soon offer just that. Locals may not actually be allowed to participate in gambling in the form of betting and waging, but with the world changing so quickly, such laws may not stand forever.