Gambling in Saudi Arabia

Gambling in Saudi ArabiaGambling in Saudi Arabia is heavily regulated and supervised – horse racing also belongs in this area.  Horse racing, or other racing events has been around since essentially the beginning of time. Though the Thoroughbred race horse is often thought of when horse racing is mentioned, the thoroughbred was developed from a much more ancient breed of horse, the Arabian. Every Thoroughbred can trace its lineage to one of three Arabian horses which were imported to England from the Middle East.

Gambling in Saudi Arabia

The famous Arabian horse has a rich and ancient history. It is quite ironic then that gambling in Saudi Arabia, including placing wagers on sporting and racing events, is so taboo when one of the most frequently bet on sport, horse racing, has such deep roots in the Saudi Arabia region.

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Casino in Saudi Arabia

Though tourists may have to search high and low for a casino in Saudi Arabia, gambling in Saudi Arabia is still present under the right circumstances and if you know where to look. In fact, the world’s richest horse race, the Saudi Cup, just ran its inaugural race on February 29th of this year, 2020. A Thoroughbred race, it was won by an American horse called Maximum Security.

Saudi Casino

Though this may not be the Casino Saudi Arabia, it does mark the beginning of more monetary sports in the region, sports that are often wagered on. Another new outlet for gambling in Saudi Arabia is a new Saudi casino.

Casino in Jeddah

Specifically a casino in Jeddah, one of the largest cities if not the largest city in Saudi Arabia. With its influence on the Thoroughbred horse breed, it comes as little surprise that the Saudi Arabian populous may want to invest in sporting events like horse racing which feature the descendants of their famous and cherished horses of whom are named after the region.

Racing is big money, lost and won, so it will be interesting to see how this religion oriented culture will handle events that promote such actions as gambling and betting.